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  • Energy, Emissions and Climate Change is one of CF Industries' material dimensions. Within this dimension, we have established goals for three material issues: GHG Emissions and Energy Management, Climate Change and Water Management. We identified these material issues through internal and external stakeholder engagement by ailigning with long-term business strategy and emerging trends and issues of importance.

    We believe an issue is material if it meets two conditions: if it impacts our business significantly in terms of growth, cost or risk and if it is important to our stakeholders and they expect us to take action on the issue. In determining if an issue is material, we consider our impacts across the entire value chain.


In 2020, the Board of Directors established the Environmental Sustainability and Community  Committee, to oversee CF’s strategies and activities relating to energy, emissions and climate change and other material dimensions. For a full description of the committee, please see the Sustainability Governance section within this report.

Management has established an internal crossfunctional team to track and manage these issues, which reports to Ashraf Malik, Senior Vice President, Manufacturing and Distribution. This team is focused on:

  • GHG reduction projects
  • Green ammonia projects
  • Blue ammonia projects
  • Partnerships
  • Advocacy