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In our operations, we use water to generate steam, cool equipment, and as an additive in products like aqua ammonia and DEF. We actively monitor our water withdrawls, use, and discharge.

Our water management approach includes

Water Management Goals

Ensure sustainable management of water (availability, use and discharge) for all manufacturing operations

  • During 2021, identify and evaluate a list of viable water reuse/reduction projects
  • Develop integrated water resource management plans to ensure sustainable withdrawals and discharges

In 2021, as part of our comprehensive ESG goals, we developed a list of viable water reuse/reduction projects within these three water actions: sourcing, withdrawal, and discharge. Development of the list followed a similar approach to our GHG emission reduction projects, as ideas were first generated at the site level before being consolidated and analyzed at the corporate level. This list will help guide our water management efforts going forward.

CF Industries' Facilities Are Not Located in Water-Stressed Areas