Food Security and Product Stewardship

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  • Our core products help to maximize crop yields, providing greater productivity to farmers and overall food security for billions of people. Proper nutrient application also leads to healthier soils and cleaner waterways, protecting our natural resources and preserving forests. As one of the largest plant nutrient producers in the world, we are proud of our role in helping to feed the world while also protecting the environment.

CF Industries’ activities within this environmental, social, and governance (ESG) dimension start with a focus on the proper use of the products we manufacture. Applying nutrients correctly has a variety of benefits. It creates the best possible conditions for plants to grow, enabling farmers to increase crop yields and maximize their productivity while providing food to a growing global population. Proper nutrient application also delivers key environmental benefits, including enhancing soil health, protecting water sources, and reducing pressures related to deforestation. The Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health (CA4SH) projects that healthy soils have the potential to absorb 80 to 100 billion metric tons of carbon between 2020 and 2100, helping to limit global warming and enhance food security. 

We also focus within this ESG dimension on compliance within our own operations. While we have a duty to abide by all environmental laws and regulations governing our operations, we also have a responsibility to properly evaluate our suppliers and other partners. We are further committed to properly managing chemicals in our manufacturing and distribution network, doing our part to protect the planet and its people. Finally, we constantly evaluate and implement appropriate technologies and practices at our production facilities that improve energy efficiency, lower greenhouse gas emissions, reduce water consumption and limit raw materials consumption.