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Accelerating the World's Transition to Clean Energy

TCFD Governance B, Strategy A, B, C

  • As the world’s largest producer of ammonia – a simple molecule composed of three parts hydrogen and one part nitrogen – CF Industries has been at the center of helping the world meet its greatest challenges. For 75 years, our business has primarily revolved around how the nitrogen in ammonia helped the world meet the challenge of feeding a growing population. The fertilizers we manufacture let farmers grow more food from every acre. By producing more with less, farmers increase food security, help the population thrive, conserve resources and prevent the destruction of carbon-sequestering forests. 

    Today, ammonia has the potential to help the world meet another challenge: decarbonizing economies. As countries around the world work to reach net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, hydrogen has emerged as a leading source of clean energy. Industry experts project hydrogen will meet approximately 20% of the world’s energy needs by 2050, up from less than 1% today. Green and blue ammonia is a critical enabler for the storage and transport of hydrogen and thus

  • has a major role to play in decarbonizing industries. Ammonia can also be a clean fuel in its own right. 

    Meeting the challenge of climate change is at the center of our Company strategy, which is to leverage our unique capabilities to accelerate the world’s transition to clean energy. We will decarbonize our network and aggressively scale our ability to produce green and blue ammonia, positioning CF Industries at the forefront of clean hydrogen and ammonia supply. We also expect demand for blue ammonia to increase as the agriculture industry decarbonizes. 

    In line with and central to achieving our strategy, in 2020 the Company announced a set of comprehensive environmental, social and governance (ESG) goals, including a dramatic reduction in carbon emissions across our global network, a commitment to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 and specific goals related to inclusion and diversity.