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Material Issues

CF’s material issues fall under four key dimensions: energy, emissions and climate change; workplaces and communities; food security and product stewardship; and ethics and governance. We identified these material issues through internal and external stakeholder engagement by aligning with long-term business strategy and emerging trends and issues of importance. 

We believe an issue is material if it meets two conditions: if it impacts our business significantly in terms of growth, cost or risk and if it is important to our stakeholders and they expect us to take action on the issue. In determining if an issue is material, we consider our impacts across the entire value chain. 

Stakeholder Engagement

  • CF Industries believes in fostering open dialogue with all of our stakeholders, which includes listening to and communicating with our customers, employees farmers, policymakers, government officials, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), shareholders, suppliers and our communities. We identify relevant stakeholders as those individuals and/or groups that our people, facilities and products impact directly. As we embark on a new path to support a clean energy economy, those stakeholders have expanded and we continue to engage new groups. Examples of stakeholder engagement include: 

    • Investor calls/conferences
    • Customer meetings/events
    • Dialogue with local community leaders
    • Partnerships with industry groups, industry coalitions and events/conferences
    • Partnerships with NGOs
    • Engagement with governmental officials
    • Employee surveys and town hall meetings