Inclusion and Diversity

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Goal: Inclusion and Diversity

Dimension: Our Workplaces and Communities

Continue to improve the inclusiveness and diversity of the Company and the Culture

  • Increase representation of females and persons of color in senior leadership roles (director level and above) to at least 30% by end of 2025
  • Implement a program to create additional pathways to long-term professional growth for traditionally underrepresented employee groups by end of 2021 with the ultimate goal of increasing the hiring and promotion of minority and female candidates

Strengthen our Culture of Inclusive Leadership and Diversity

GRI 102-16, 102-26; GRI 103-1, 103-2 Diversity and Equal Opportunity

  • CF Industries has a longstanding commitment to inclusion and diversity (I&D). We view this commitment as analogous to our commitment to a safe workplace – we make it a priority simply because it is the right thing to do, and it makes us a better Company. We want everyone at CF Industries to feel welcomed and valued as a part of our team.

    We believe our commitment has been implicit in what we do and how we operate. In 2020, we took several steps to raise the profile of our efforts internally and accelerate our journey to creating the fully inclusive Company we aspire to be.