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We have created a CF Industries-customized learning path based on the CF leadership competencies, which we have established are the knowledge, skills, abilities and attributes necessary to perform successfully at CF across all jobs. We believe these leadership behaviors
are essential to delivering great business results within our values-driven culture. 

At the heart of this learning path is our Core Curriculum, which is a series of courses designed to familiarize our employees with our business, values, culture, and people processes. The program aligns to our CF Industries Leadership Competencies leader levels and provides current and new employees with a consistent understanding of who we are, what we do, and how we do it. We also provide courses that teach different interrelated leadership competencies and skillsets such as “Leading Self,” “Leading Teams,” and “Leading the Business.” 

Beyond this core training, CF Industries’ employees have access to LinkedIn Learning, which includes courses focused on business, creativity and technology. We provide guidance on certification preparation and continuing education. Additionally, North American employees have access to a Tuition Reimbursement Program, which allows for up to $10,000 of eligible approved tuition expenses each calendar year for covered education programs at accredited institutions. In 2021, we had 22 employees receive education assistance, with CF Industries
contributing over $136,500. 

Leadership Development

We focus on training our leaders and building a culture where team members can identify their strengths, understand their weaknesses, and receive constructive and motivating feedback. Leaders are taught to provide coaching, set roadmaps for development, and hold team members accountable for achieving expected results. 

We also focus on internal leadership development opportunities through the Executive Development Program (EDP). The EDP lasts 12-18 months with approximately 15 participants at a time, preparing candidates for potential senior leadership team roles within 5 years. Candidates are assessed through problem-solving tests and business simulations, while also being taught different topics such as self-leadership and people leadership. 

In 2021, we also piloted a 3-month Leading Leaders professional development experience with six participants comprised of directors and VPs. The program is built on instilling five pivotal leadership functions: strategist, change leader, talent developer, internal influencer, and results orchestrator. Some of the skills taught also include understanding how to inspire and lead a diverse team to consistently exceed expectations, sponsoring and leading effective change initiatives, and demonstrating courage to challenge the status quo and achieve new possibilities.