Workplace Health and Process Safety

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Goal: Workforce Health and Safety

Dimension: Our Workplace and Communities

Strengthen and improve behavioral safety practices that support the commitment to safety excellence

  • At least 95% of the aggregated safety grades of all employees at manufacturing and distribution sites must be a "B" or better for the year
  • Safety critical equipment inspections completed per schedule
  • Management of changes in current year closed within 90 days of pre-startup review

Culture of Environment, Health and Safety Excellence

GRI 103-1, 103-2: Occupational Health & Safety

  • Our top priority is the safety of those who work at or live near our locations. Safety at CF Industries starts with our Do It Right philosophy, which includes equipping our employees with the proper safety knowledge, tools and procedures, and a culture that encourages employees to act with safety in mind every time they come to work. 

    Our employees’ commitment to the Company’s Do It Right safety culture was evident throughout 2020. Our team not only successfully adjusted how we work in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but we also achieved new safety milestones and records, highlighted by the fewest injuries and lowest year-end rolling average recordable incident rate in Company history.

    At CF Industries, safety is ingrained in our corporate culture and values. We hold all 3,000 of our employees — from the corporate office to our manufacturing and distribution facilities — accountable for collectively conducting our business in a safe manner. We empower all employees to promote a culture of environment, health and safety (EHS) excellence where everyone is engaged, empowered and innovative in cultivating a workplace that promotes the safety and health of our employees, contractors, customers and partners, the communities where we operate, and the environment. 

EHS Governance


  • We outline EHS expectations in our EHS Policy and EHS Management Manual. 

    We monitor our safety performance using a number of key metrics, including injury rates, near miss and hazard identification reports, and safety leadership activities. Every two weeks, leaders of our locations meet specifically to discuss EHS performance, challenges, and issues on a conference call. Local teams regularly share suggestions and approaches to improve safety on these calls. When an EHS incident occurs, we investigate root causes and define a new standard procedure that we then roll out across all plants. 

    An EHS Steering Committee, comprised of the EHS Managers of our locations, sets Company EHS Standards and ensures business alignment, promotes shared practices and helps drive harmonization of EHS processes, and ensures continuous innovation and improvement of our EHS systems. EHS Councils create internal networking opportunities to share best practice ideas and lessons learned and to review incident/near-miss data trends to identify improvement opportunities. We also benchmark externally via various professional associations and engage external stakeholders at certain locations to evaluate our workplace safety and health culture. 

    Our Vice President, Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality, reports to the Senior Vice President of Manufacturing and Distribution, who provides briefings to the CF Industries Board of Directors at every meeting. Our corporate EHS programs are also supported by a team of auditors who conduct audits and facilitate best practices across all CF operations.